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  1. swathi iyengar singh

    please tell me the status of my aadhar card delivery i have recieved eaadahar i need the hard copy delivered to my address

  2. khem raj

    not able to download my aadhaar card contact no is not update isuse

  3. Dilip Chandra Bhuyan

    not able to download aadhar

    • aadhaar

      kindly let us know the problem you’re facing.

  4. Murugesh Kumar

    not able to download updated eaadhar

    • aadhaar

      kindly let us know the error you’re facing.

  5. Durga prasad

    Aadharcard phone number link 583966476278

  6. Namrata

    I have made address change in July 18. But still have not received rectified aadhar card

    • aadhaar

      kindly download eaadhaar. It has the same validity as of aadhaar.

  7. damchin yangzom

    my name is damchin yangzom and i lost my fews days ago but to print the duplicate copy i dont have to registered mobile number. HOW CAN I GET MY DUPLICATE COPY WITHOUT THE PHONE NUMBER

    • aadhaar

      kindly visit an aadhaar enrollment center to update your mobile number. Then download eaadhaar card with OTP.

  8. venkata kishore mattaparthi

    my name is kishore
    i updated my adhaar card online in month may. it is updated but not delivered .
    my enrolment no.2052/30821/09492 02/05/2018 11:28:50
    i called to helpline and indiapost also. indiapost told me if u had the consinment or tracking id i can it if not
    i helpless. So, how can i get it ? i want track my adhaar card urgently

    • aadhaar

      you can download eaadhaar card. It has the same validity as of aadhaar.

  9. Chethan Kumar S

    Sir my name is Chethan Kumar S .my Aadhar card Date of birth update madidde 3 months aythu ennu bandhilla sir plz check madi help
    Update no:0657/05031/02394 Date:18/06/2018 16:46:18
    Plz check me sir

  10. Amitabha Nandi

    When we will get the updated Aadhar Plastic card ?
    1. Amitabha Nandi
    C/o Late Bholanath Nandi
    Flat no. 214, Pocket B , Sarita Vihar, Nr Apollo Hospital, South Delhi, Delhi-110076

    2. Manjusri Nandi
    W/O Amitabha Nandi
    Flat no. 214, Pocket B , Sarita Vihar, Nr Apollo Hospital, South Delhi, Delhi-110076

    Above both information regarding change of address sent on 28-4-2018 on line.
    When we will get the colored Plastic card ?

  11. Devraj Sarma

    I have not yet received the hard copy of my aadhaar card and it has been more then 90 days.
    My e-aadhaar was generated on 05/11/2017 and enrollment date was 29/10/2017.

    • aadhaar

      kindly visit any enrollment center and ask them to re-dispatch your aadhaar. Till then you can download eaadhaar.

  12. Varsha

    I have changed my name and residential address in aadhar 15 days ago at enrollment center, still i didnot get my aadhar card by post.

    • aadhaar

      Dear Varsha, kindly wait for 45 days, you’ll get it by post.

  13. sanjeev

    sir im dumpula sanjeev kumar from TS i have changed my DOB in aadhaar 2 months ago, still i didnot get my aadhaar card by post.

  14. sonali bhowmick

    i have not receive my aadher card after correction

    • aadhaar

      kindly let us know the mode of correction, was it at an enrollment center or online mode?

  15. Talla Bal Narayana

    Sir,I am Talla Bal Narayana from Hyderabad,TS.with Aadhaar no.894483532240.I have been changed my address in my Aadhar card along with my wife and son 7 months back at Aadhar centre.We received only one card no. 403785051821 of my wife by post.But not yet receivedaadhar cards 270105917596 and 894483532240.Please post the same.
    Thanking you sir.

  16. Tall Bal Narayana

    Sir,l am Bal Narayana from Hyderabad.We have been corrected address of my family members (3) at Aadhar centre 7 months back.Out of three cards only one card of my wife received.So please send our Aadhaar cards.

  17. indrani

    sir im indrani from AP i have changed my photo in aadhaar 4 months ago, still i didnot get my aadhaar card by post.

  18. Jaya Biswas

    Sir I have made some corrections in aadhar card. Sir please tell when my aadhar card will be delivered. Is my aadhar card dispatched? My aadhar no is 355633544364, my enrolment no is 2017/78338/21187. Sir please help me to track my aadhar card.

  19. Kunal Bhattacharya

    I have applied for Adhaar in August and have received my Adhaar number but not the Adhaar card yet. How can I track it?

      • sanjeev

        sir im sanjeev from AP i have changed my DOB in aadhaar 4 months ago, still i didnot get my aadhaar card by post.

  20. I wanted to apple for reissue of my passport as i had to get my name changed after marriage. I entered all the details in the online passport form and i had got an appointment for the 28/02/2018 at 12:45.I had taken a print out of the e-aadhar card and went to the passport office for my appointment.

    At counter B1 the gentleman told me this aadhar is not valid as they dont want to see the part where it says “validity unknown”
    They want the card that comes in the post.Can you tell me if this is a genuine reason for them to not allow me to proceed with my passport formalities?The government has clearly stated that this card can be as proof of identity, then why was i denied?

  21. i want to know that my updated adhar card no 293349905579 enrollment no 0000/00491/02409 dated 10/2/2018 time 09:10:27 has been delivered to my address.thank you.

  22. Naisha Bheda

    its be more then a year i have still not recd my daughter Aadhaar card . please update me on that.

  23. Rizwana Mohamed

    Sir I think my aadhar is being misused what can I do pls reply

  24. Suresh K.

    When I enter my EID details to check my aadhaar status, it doesn’t show any status – this has been happening for last 2-3 days. It just keeps waiting……

    What is the problem?
    Please reply.

    • aadhaar

      The site is working fine. Kindly call at 1947 for more assistance.

  25. hansraj kumar

    how to track my aadhaar card i want my aadhaar by post

    • aadhaar

      generally aadhaar is delivered to you within 90 days of aadhaar generation. For the time being you may download eaadhaar.

  26. Suresh K.

    When I checked my aadhaar status after filling in the EID number, I got the following message:

    “This enrollment has not been received for processing. Please check after a few days to know your Aadhaar status “.

    What does this mean?
    Please clarify.

    • aadhaar

      It means the enrollment packet hasn’t been uploaded to the UIDAI database. It will be uploaded soon.

      • Amit Kumar

        sir mera adhhar card me mobile mumber add nhi hai aur mera adhhar card kho gaya hai kaise duplicate adhhar card banbaye please help me sir