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Residents of India were facing a great problem regarding checking status of their Aadhaar card. If someone has lost its aadhar enrollment id he was not able to check the status of the aadhar as it is necessary to check aadhaar status online.

Residents can now recover their AADHAAR Enrollment ID and AADHAAR Number.

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Aadhaar Card enrollment slip lost? How to check status

Type "" for any info and query regarding aadhaar card (information only).

When a resident successfully enrolls himself for Aadhaar card and enrollment slip is given to him. An enrollment slip is the proof of resident’s successful enrollment. It bears all the information, a person has provided to the best of his knowledge at the time of enrollment. An image of Aadhaar enrollment slip is shown below.

Why is Aadhaar card Enrollment Slip Important?

It is necessary for a resident to keep the enrollment slip with himself even after the Aadhaar letter has been received. As it bears all the information. Enrollment ID printed on the Enrollment slip is necessary for checking the status of Aadhaar card and to track it. Without Enrollment Slip it is very difficult to check status of Aadhaar Card. read more