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eaadhaarEaadhaar Card

AADHAAR is not only a proof of Identity but also of citizenship of India. The 12 digit unique identification no is free of caste and religion. AADHAAR is must for every Indian citizen. The unique identification number is provided to infants, teenagers and adults. The identity of an individual can be authenticated anytime and anywhere. It is the sole responsibility of an individual to enroll himself for the Aadhaar card.


Uses of AADHAAR Card.

  1. It is a proof of Identity as well as address.
  2. Each individual has to enroll himself only once in lifetime for Aadhaar card.
  3. Enrollment fee for Aadhaar card is Rs. 0
  4. Your 12 digit identification number is unique and will be helpful in various govt schemes and act as a proof of Identity.
  5. The no. is easily verifiable.
  6. It will eliminate and find the various fake identities in govt files.
  7. It is a random no. irrespective of caste, creed, locality, area and religion.

Applicants can download their e-Aadhar Cards if their Aadhaar Card has been generated. Applicants who applied for the Aadhaar Card and do not know whether their Aadhaar has been generated or not, please click here     (to check aadhar card online status)
Enter the (EID) Temporary Enrollment ID to check your Aadhaar Status.

How to check your Aadhaar Status online (aadhaar enrollment status) –  Aadhar card India

Enter the Enrollment no given in your Slip. (14 digit)
Now enter the 14 digit date and Time of Enrollment, it is given on the Slip (14 digit)
This 14+14 digit no. is collectively known as EID.
Lastly Enter the text given in the image.
Click on Check Status.

How to Download Eaadhaar Card (E aadhaar Card download) – Download my Aadhar card

If you Aadhaar has been generated. Congratulations! you can download e-Aadhar Card from e aadhaar portal. Follow the Steps given below:

Enter Enrollment No. and Date Time (EID)

Enter Your name and Pincode.

Enter the code shown and click on  Submit.

Now download your e-Aadhar Card.

Now take aadhar card print out.

Important Note: Keep your Mobile with you while entering your name.

Click here to Download eAadhaar Card

Note: your pincode is that password of your Eaadhaar card file.

aadhaar .pdf password

Eaadhaar Card Validity unkonwn – Validate Signature on Eaadhar card

Watch this video to validate signature on your eaadhaar card

Eaadhaar Card in email:

You may now receive your E-aadhar card in your email, follow the steps given below:Type UID EAADHAAR < Aadhaar number >   < email Id > < PIN code > on your mobile and send it to 51969

Click here to track aadhaar card

Click here to recover your AADHAAR enrollment ID

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  1. prakash

    21897396200438,11-12-2017,14:00:31,,,,,,,,,,,21897396200439,11-12-2017 14:05:58,,,,,,,,,,Divya Dharshni,Haritha,,,,,,,,,,,How do download my adhaar

  2. Noble Varghees

    I don’t know my enrolment number, can I get my e adhaar with my name?

  3. chandrashekharsingh

    2189/87605/42615 31/01/2018 16:29:46

    • aadhaar

      This enrollment is under process. Please check again after a few days.

  4. shama

    i have made my 11 months old babys aadhaar card but i lost my mobile.i have slip ,tell me how do i get aadhaar

  5. hemant parashar

    my Enrollment number is
    2091/22117/32829 and date is 24/01/2018 and time is 17:45:56
    please inform me about my aadhar status

    • aadhaar

      your aadhaar number has been generated and you may download eaadhaar.

  6. siddhartha sankar roy ph-9734429310

    Dear sir,
    Iam apply my mother adhaar card due to change name correction,which enrollment no 2189/69060/58010 date-30/01/201816:04:40.
    plz check the status why not deliver at home?

    • aadhaar

      It may take upto two months for aadhaar to reach at your home. Kindly download eaadhaar.

  7. Mohammad shahid

    Dear sir I’m apply aadhaar my 3 dothger by enrollment center 09 07 20017 urn no is 2188/30128/00054 _00055_00056 pls check the status wy not delivered at home?

  8. I am 83 years old. Can people from enrollment center come to my house to take bio-metrics? I cannot travel to the center. Please call on 9831179775

  9. Mukta Bahadur Chhetry

    Update no:1218/52600/03124
    please check and answer my update

  10. shruthi


  11. Nabin

    i am from Assam. i am trying to apply for the Adhaar Card since long time. but I could not do the same. what should i do ? Please guide me.

  12. Deepak Kumar

    sir how to check my Aadhar card mobbile number

    • aadhaar

      try to download eaadhaar card. It will send an OTP on your registered mobile number.

  13. Senthil Kesavan

    i am in abroad, the mobile number registered for my aathaar card is inactive, what should i do to get my aathaar

  14. jitendra thesiya

    how to add my mobil aadhar card

  15. Kamal Preet Kaur

    how to change name on aadhar card online

    • aadhaar

      you can only change your address online, to change name please visit to your nearest enrollment center.

  16. simran

    I have lost my adhar card in dehradun on 17/12/2017 .I am not responsible for any misuse of my adhar card
    What should I do know?

    • aadhaar

      file an FIR and download duplicate aadhaaar card. (eaadhaar)

    • shakir

      Mobile no registerd or not on your aadhaar card .

  17. Anandi bai

    sir mera aadhaar card nhi ban raha h name-Anandi bai ahirwar/RAMbabu ahirwar

  18. moin khan

    jin ke aadhar m mobile no. juda huha nhi hai vo kese jode rep.plese

    • Gagan

      Please help me
      M apne adhar card pr mobile no. Chane karana chahta hu kaise hoga

      • aadhaar

        visit to your nearest enrollment center. The update charges are Rs 25.

  19. Manikandan Manoharan

    Nov 8 i changed my address via online , still my Aadhaar card is not ready. i use check aadhaar status but its not opening .. how can i properly view/ check my Aadhaar. pls reply me..
    im waiting for my bank (agriculture) loan process..

  20. Ganesh Darwatkar

    I corrected my date of birth online(3 months back), till date i have not received updated Aadhar card. How I can get it? Can you send it by post?
    I tried to download eaadhar, but site is not loading, very bad experience. My passport application is on hold due to unavailability of updated Aadhar.

  21. suresh baro

    Sir, I am confuse about aadhaar card, because I am living in assam.So, I want to know that is assam govt allow to issue aadhaar card for the living person in assam.please reply me.

  22. Marie Paul

    How does an overseas citizen of India apply for an adhar card

    • aadhaar

      You have to visit in India to apply for it

  23. Zaheerahmed

    Please send my as that card status

  24. Karthik

    How to get the details of a person

    • Manpreet

      How to change mob. No. From my adhaar card

      • aadhaar

        you have to visit to your nearest enrollment center. The charges for updating aadhaar are Rs 25.

  25. Gobinda singh

    My mobile number changed

  26. Rahul Raj

    I lost my aadhaar card …….what can i do.?

    • aadhaar

      you can download eaadhaar. It has the same validity as of aadhaar.

  27. Bala

    How to download the e-Aadhaar card for my son? We received Aadhaar card in post a year back, but now when I want to check the Aadhaar card the pincode entered comes as invalid password. May I get the right link to download the e-Aadhaar card? I would also like to get link to check the status of Aadhaar card.

    • aadhaar

      the password isn’t the pincode. it’s the first 4 digits of your First name and 4 digit of your year of birth.

  28. modak noshi

    I have lost my aadhaar card

  29. Gopi Madhava vanukuru

    How to Chang of My Mobile No

    • aadhaar

      kindly visit to your nearest enrollment center.

  30. Gopi Madhava vanukuru

    sir how to Chang my Mobil no AADHAAR card

    • aadhaar

      kindly visit to your nearest enrollment center

  31. bichitra kr bordoloi

    How many aadhar card no. can be added to one mobile no. ? Say, in my family we have one mobile phone,but we have 5 members in my family. We will need 5 aadhar cards.

    • aadhaar card

      no this is not necessary. More than one account can be linked to one mobile number.

  32. anwar khan

    mera aadhar card bahut dino se nhi aaya hai
    mene apply diya tha 25/04/2017 ko
    usko pane ke liye mujhe kya karna hoga.

  33. Moushami shukla

    I need your help. .The name in my addhar card is not correct so I wanted to change it.can u please inform me about the procedure. Can I submit my pan card as a basis of proof for the name correction

    • aadhaar card

      yes you can submit PAN card. You can visit to your nearest enrollment center to update it.

  34. Praveen Rajvaidya

    Sir please help me, I was update My Aadhar card before 5 days but it’s not update till to day

    • aadhaar card

      kindly wait for 7 days, it will get updated.

  35. chenchu babu

    my adhaar chennai to andhrapradesh nellore changed my adhaar no 992662538562 name angadi saroja enrollment id no paper missing problem eid no duplicate ration card 2 times allotment but eid duplicate rejected pls my problem solve sir

    ekyc 2 times bio matric update 2 times

  36. chenchu babu

    992662538562 adhaar no eid no duplicate

  37. Mohammed Anwar Khan

    How to enroll mobile no in Ashar card

    • aadhaar card

      dear Anwar, you have to visit an enrollment center to link your mob number with aadhaar.

      • NAJEEB

        CAN I HELP ME MY ENROINMENT ID-2003/43186/01152 12/10/17 UP TO NOT GET A ADHAAR CERD

  38. vishal johari

    Wants to make Adhar card of my daughter

  39. Sankaralingam

    I have adhar number but now i added my mobile number 3 days before and i did not receiving otp for downloading adhar