Aadhaar Data Update

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AADHAAR is not only a proof of Identity but also of citizenship of India. The 12 digit unique identification no is free of caste and religion. AADHAAR is must for every Indian citizen. The unique identification number is provided to infants, teenagers and adults. The identity of an individual can be authenticated anytime and anywhere. It is the sole responsibility of an individual to enroll himself for the Aadhaar card.

Uses of AADHAAR Card.
  1. It is a proof of Identity as well as address.
  2. Each individual has to enroll himself only once in lifetime for Aadhaar card.
  3. Enrollment fee for Aadhaar card is Rs. 0
  4. The fees for Aadhaar Update is Rs 25 (Name, Address, Gender, Mobile number, email.)
  5. Your 12 digit identification number is unique and will be helpful in various govt schemes and act as a proof of Identity.
  6. The no. is easily verifiable.
  7. It will eliminate and find the various fake identities in govt files.
  8. It is a random no. irrespective of caste, creed, locality, area and religion.

If there is a mistake in your AADHAAR CARD, need not to worry, you can fill up an application form as a request for data change in your Aadhaar card. You can request UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) via Online mode or Offline mode.

How to apply online

Residents must follow the instructions very carefully.
A mobile number is necessary for the UPDATE.
If you have provided your mobile no. at the time of enrolment, keep that mobile phone with you for the time being. If you hadn’t provided any mobile no. please keep an mobile no with you.
Enter the AADHAAR NO. and you will receive one time password on your Mobile.
Please select the field where you want correction.
Now upload the documents for as an evidence of your update.

More Briefly:


Click here to Change name in Aadhar card

Click here to change Address in Aadhar card


Click here to Change Mobile no in Aadhar card

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  1. pushpa rani

    plese chang mobile old no 9968399703 new no 9868908866 pushpa rani

  2. Abdul Aleem

    My Daughter Name Hooria Aleem, Applied for Aadhaar Card on 08/09/2017 16:48:59 but still did not received.
    Enrollment no.2081/30070/00740
    If aadhaar card is ready from where can i download.

    • aadhaar

      no record found of your query. Kindly call at 1947 asap.

  3. Mini

    Aadhar update status SMS number not working. Can you give the proper number

  4. Bapan Kumar Das

    I don’t get origineel adhara card ? By post given me scen card



  6. TSHELHOU (male)

    Please register me my mobile no. 8974966468

    • aadhaar

      you have to visit an enrollment center to update it. It cannot be done online.


    Please enroll my mobile number 7029191199 instead of 9641108948(Old number)

  8. Bharat

    At the time of Aadhar Card enrollment no Mobile number was specified …but now i want to update the same. how can i do that.

    • aadhaar

      you have to visit an enrollment center to update your mobile number.

  9. Vanita doolabh

    Hi Like to know how to open the the link that is sent to me……what is the password as when i applied i was not asked for a password….
    i tried all the possible passwords i am sure that i have type in some information from the application .
    Please help

    • aadhaar

      Do you want to know the password of eaadhaar file?

  10. Bashir Ahmed

    Sorry sir sister in law had visit for aadhar enrollment .and when she was try to download that. here comes error massage not updated what will we do for that?

  11. Snehal chakraborty

    After got the adahaar information i went to web site but could not find information about my adhaar card status.

  12. Anil

    My grandmother is 86 year old. But fingerprints not updated. When we go to enrollment center fingerprint not come up to 20%. How we update biometric detail. Plz answer

    • aadhaar

      kindly call at 1947 for immediate assistance.

  13. Ashok Kumar gupta

    not show name change i want change middle

    • aadhaar

      you have to visit an enrollment center to update your name. Kindly carry valid proof of identity with yourself.


    sir how may i know my adhar card linked in verious department

  15. Shivasharanappa

    sir how to link email to my aadhar card

  16. ankush thakur

    sir what is the meaning of data processing error because my enrollment id got rejected many time.

    • aadhaar

      It means that there was a technical error during your enrollment.

  17. Arun Kumar Basu

    My father name Naresh Chandra Basu commit inAdhar card

  18. jeyan


    my aadhar enrollment no is 2193/10268/02623 dated on 21/08/2017 time 14:41:07 in tondiarpet manikundu braanch but while tacking my status its showing no records found pl reply

  19. nani

    aadhar updating time only address field only visible for my records can u check…….

  20. pankaj

    DEAR sir i have updated my mobile no on 23/10/17 and also check it on uidai official site but i can’t recive OTP on my number what’s is the problems?

    • aadhaar card

      kindly call at toll free number 1947, if your number isn’t linked.

  21. Prafulla Chandra Mishra

    Dear sir i have updated my adhar card for update mobile no & adress 05.10.2017 my URN is-1492/33013/00021. i still not recevaid my updation status please check my status and please update me on my email –[email protected] thru email please replay soon .this updation is very urgent for me…thanks &

  22. M.S.Sankaranarayanan

    Pl lket me know the update status of my AaadhaarCardNo.563378315799vieURNNumber:0000/00376/81736 o5/04/2017 16:32:45 to my email “[email protected]

  23. santosh vithal nayak

    year change in date of birth how it change

  24. Atharva

    Dear Deepali Dattatray Kulkarni, enrolment with EID 2006900290047920171005191045 has been rejected due to technical reason. Enrol if not received Aadhar/enrolled before what does this mean?

    • aadhaar card

      It means Deepali has to go to the enrollment center to enroll again.

    • aadhaar card

      kindly visit to your nearest enrollment center.

  25. Mangesh Ganesh Parab

    My Adhar Card is loss
    I won’t duplicate copy

  26. pankaj gupta

    Dear sir i was apply my adhar card for update mobile no. 07.10.2017 my inrolment number is – 2017/79699/01074. i still not recevaid my updation status please check my status and please update me on my email –[email protected] is my email please replay soon .this updation is very urgent for me…thanks

    • aadhaar card

      It may take upto 14 days for updation. Kindly be patient.

      • Pankaj gupta

        Any possibility for updating my mobile no. early because it’s very urgent and necessary for my work


    Dear sir i was apply my adhar card 11.02.2016 my inrolment number is – 20808821731416 i still not recevaid my card please check my card status and please update me on my email – bsrangh[email protected] is my email please replay soon .

    • aadhaar card

      time of enrollment is also required to check aadhaar status.

  28. Harshal rasal

    my adahar card shoult not be link with any bank account

  29. Sandeep Singh

    Hello, my aadhaar card only have my birth year on it and not the complete date of birth. Am overseas and will not be visiting india anytime soon so how can I get my complete date of birth on my adhaar card.

    • aadhaar card

      You have to send an update request. Follow the procedure given above and select update date of birth.

  30. Shivani

    Plz check the status of my adhaar…my adhaar no.858820115427 and URN is 27292481001502..plz give the answer as soon as possible…

    • aadhaar card

      kindly recheck your URN number

      • Shivani

        URN is same2729/24810/01502…I had tried to check the status but it showed that URN is incorrect..I updated my adhaar offline…

  31. Venkatesh.B.

    I want to update my new mobile no in my aadhar card. earlier mobile no is lost so i want to update new mobile no. what to do ? please guide me….

    • aadhaar card

      dear Venkatesh, you have to visit to your nearest enrollment center to update your mobile number.

  32. Vishal Kumar

    What about biometrics update.? Aadhar centers are not working. Any solution?


    My aadhar card no is 6866 3849 5209
    My DOB is 15/01/1944I have applied online change in name vide URN 0000/00437/40533 dated 6/8/17.
    Please convey my card status

    • aadhaar card

      Your Aadhaar has been generated. While your Aadhaar is being printed and posted to you, please download eAadhaar.

  34. J dayalan

    My phone number up date

  35. Yuwraj Pagade

    is this adhar valid?



  37. ajitsharma

    my mobile no registered you

  38. chaitanya padhan

    mobile no is not register, how to register mobile no register online with out otp or aadhaar center.