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  1. Ch nishita

    I had change my name since June and did not receive the original adhaar card till now. Please send me your suggestion.

  2. Mir Musheer Ali

    Wishing you a very happy Diwali !

    I and my wife had applied for Adhaar Card on 15th July 2017 and have not received any update.

    MIR MUSHEER ALI 2193/10287/02249 Dated 15th July 2017
    NUSRATH FATHIMA 2193/10287/02248 Dated 15th July 2017

    Request you to kindly advise the status.

  3. I had had difficulties trying to get the Aadhaar card made last November in the midst of the demonitization strikes in Trivandrum, So this time, I made time for myself to apply in Goa on the 25th Sept., especially after all the reminders from the phone, bank and other dealings.
    I left the same phone no. for both my wife and I as the same common number.
    I have just received notification on that ph no. that my wife’s Aadhaar number has been generated, but none relating to my own card.
    In trying to log into the enrollment status show, I find it does not open up the page, and I can’t check either her or my status.
    How can I confirm my own, and also see both her and mine generated number?

    • aadhaar card

      kindly contact at aadhaar helpline at 1947.

  4. akhilesh kumar

    iost my adhaar slip and adhaar number my name akhilesh kumar .I live in shikohabad and pin code is 205135 and intered mobile no.7500115177. please send me your suggestion.

  5. R.Manjunathan

    My AADHAAR enrollment no. is 2193/50011/11700 and date time is 29/04/2017 10.37.51 .
    Please update by when it will get delivered to me, as I have received my e-copy long back.

    • aadhaar card

      This enrollment has been rejected. Please call 1947 for more information.

  6. Jawahir Lal Raina

    I have lost my adhar card bearing No: 2985 1656 7926 while travelling from Jammu to Srinagar please give permission to download e-adhar card in duplicate or send me on my e-mail address jawahir1963@gmail.com or my Cell No: 8494041800 as my registered mobile no. 9469622980 also lost during travelling as referred above.
    Jawahir Lal Raina

  7. Ranjita Bhadauria

    My AADHAAR enrollment no. is 1498/70002/00011.
    Please update by when it will get delivered to me, as I have received my e-copy long back.

    Waiting for the positive response.

    • aadhaar card

      kindly contact at 1947.

  8. Megha Shyam Sarma

    Could you please check the status of my aadhar card.


    • aadhaar card

      date and time of enrollment is also required to check your aadhaar status.

  9. Aftab Qureshi

    My Adhaar Card No. is 5354 9580 8353 (E copy is downloaded) is done on June’2017. However, I haven’t received the Original Card via Postal delivery. Please update the status of the same.

    As I am surprised that, Adhaar which is a mandate document is taking so much time to deliver and other govt agencies/utilities are asking to link it to various utilities.
    Case 1: When we are providing the E copy and they said its not valid.
    Case 2: I went to Idea cellular outlet to update the Adhaar card, while giving the finger print again it said invalid.

    In this case what should I do? Please suggest.

    Aftab Qureshi;

    • aadhaar card

      kindly call at 1947 and raise a ticket.

  10. Najma Parveen

    My aadhaar card status is showing ” under manual check ” how long it takes to get my e adhaar card as I need it really urgent From Telangana please reply thank you

    • aadhaar card

      it can take upto 30 days.

    • Shubham

      My enrollment no is 0000/00431/11470
      I need to check my postal delivery status of this aadhar card..
      Date: 07/28/2017.

      • aadhaar card

        kindly wait for 20 more days. It will be delivered soon.

  11. Arun Kumar

    My enrollment No is 2189/42027/37214 date:02/12/2016 17:21:32

    Need the delivery postal status of this aadhar card.

      • Arun Kumar

        My aadhar is generated but the card wsn’t delivered by post yet . So I contacted aadhar care and they said it’s reprinted . Now I don’t find a way to track it anywhere . 1947 toll no also doesn’t seem to work .I have mailed help@uidai.gov.in and receieved no response . need a solution to this ASAP plz

  12. sir, my enrolement I.D is 2193/10237/00632 29/05/2017 16:17:28 my aadhar has been genrated. sofar i haven’t received the original aadhar card. Please let me know the despatch status.

    • vijay shankar singh

      My enrollment no is2017 /78340/85909

    • vijay shankar singh

      My inrollment no is 2017/78340/85909.date of birth is 01/01/1968. I have given for some corrections.can u tell me the status .it is done or some time will be taken more.

      • aadhaar card

        date and time is also required to check your aadhaar status.

  13. Nuzhat Bashir

    I have enrolled & it got generated on 10/03 2016 but I didn’t receive it why if it is mandatory for everything then why don’t you deliver .

  14. mohit bhandari

    I have generated Eadhar but haven’t received my aadhar card yet. It’s been almost a month now.
    By what time should i expect it to come?

    • aadhaar card

      it could take upto 90, but generally it reaches earlier.

  15. Kumar Singaram


    i have enrolled for Aadhaar card and got eaadhaar generated when i was in Bangalore. I didn’t received the Aadhaar card yet. Currently i am located in Malaysia. how can i track my aadhhar card delivery status.

    Thanks much in advance,

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