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eaadhaarEaadhaar Card

AADHAAR is not only a proof of Identity but also of citizenship of India. The 12 digit unique identification no is free of caste and religion. AADHAAR is must for every Indian citizen. The unique identification number is provided to infants, teenagers and adults. The identity of an individual can be authenticated anytime and anywhere. It is the sole responsibility of an individual to enroll himself for the Aadhaar card.


Uses of AADHAAR Card.

  1. It is a proof of Identity as well as address.
  2. Each individual has to enroll himself only once in lifetime for Aadhaar card.
  3. Enrollment fee for Aadhaar card is Rs. 0
  4. Your 12 digit identification number is unique and will be helpful in various govt schemes and act as a proof of Identity.
  5. The no. is easily verifiable.
  6. It will eliminate and find the various fake identities in govt files.
  7. It is a random no. irrespective of caste, creed, locality, area and religion.

Applicants can download their e-Aadhar Cards if their Aadhaar Card has been generated. Applicants who applied for the Aadhaar Card and do not know whether their Aadhaar has been generated or not, please click here     (to check aadhar card online status)
Enter the (EID) Temporary Enrollment ID to check your Aadhaar Status.

How to check your Aadhaar Status online (aadhaar enrollment status) –  Aadhar card India

Enter the Enrollment no given in your Slip. (14 digit)
Now enter the 14 digit date and Time of Enrollment, it is given on the Slip (14 digit)
This 14+14 digit no. is collectively known as EID.
Lastly Enter the text given in the image.
Click on Check Status.

How to Download Eaadhaar Card (E aadhaar Card download) – Download my Aadhar card

If you Aadhaar has been generated. Congratulations! you can download e-Aadhar Card from e aadhaar portal. Follow the Steps given below:

Enter Enrollment No. and Date Time (EID)

Enter Your name and Pincode.

Enter the code shown and click on  Submit.

Now download your e-Aadhar Card.

Now take aadhar card print out.

Important Note: Keep your Mobile with you while entering your name.

Click here to Download eAadhaar Card

Note: your pincode is that password of your Eaadhaar card file.

Eaadhaar Card Validity unkonwn – Validate Signature on Eaadhar card

Watch this video to validate signature on your eaadhaar card

Eaadhaar Card in email:

You may now receive your E-aadhar card in your email, follow the steps given below:Type UID EAADHAAR < Aadhaar number >   < email Id > < PIN code > on your mobile and send it to 51969

Click here to track aadhaar card

Click here to recover your AADHAAR enrollment ID

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  1. pawan gupta

    aadhar card download karne wala id send kr do. plz urgent me

  2. sushila damodhar devhare

    sushila damodhar devhare pleass sent adhar card


    My ஆதார் number is 8663 5252 0458 having updating of new door number sent by post to hyderabad how many days will it take to update please kindly inform me to my email address please

    • aadhaar card

      kindly wait for atleast a month, if update request is sent via post.


    Am not getting e aadhar what to do?

  5. Vasundhara

    Aadhaar update no.. 01298002156437 Aadhaar no.. 921189636904 i need to knw status of my aadhaar card plzz help

  6. shoaib bagera

    I am shoaib alam my aadhar sucsces kab take hog mere mobile or SMS bhejiye 9060348687

  7. Rajeshwari Ramachandran

    why is there no reply to my concern raised 13 days ago? its more than 3 months since i raised my aadhar request. there is no update on it.

    • aadhaar card

      there is no way to download aadhaar without registered mobile number.

  8. Ram Prasath

    Guys, the link – – looks like oepning only if youa re inside India, so whoever is overseas, tell someone from India to download it, it works.

    I faced same issue & i managed to download the card just now.


    • Ravindran

      Very often it does not open in India also!

  9. Sanjeev akkisagar

    LINK adhar tobank

  10. moshin khan

    mera enrolment no. 0821/86401/25927

  11. A. Bharjit Singh

    I have made request update of My son (Borish Singh Ahongshangbam) adhar vide Update request No. 2189/73528/13158 date 27/03/2017 14:31:27. Unfortunately I couldnot generate my son updated Adhar.

  12. sachin

    Please update my aadhaar card because I need my aadhaar card

  13. rahul

    Mughe adhar kard bnana hi to kiss applay kre

  14. saddam sah

    mera aadhar Ghar Magi pahunchha

  15. sohan shah

    Mera adhar ghar nahi pahucha hai I request delvaary kar dejey kuch kaam nahi ho raha hai Sir ji

  16. Mutharasan

    i am in abu dhabi how to download eaadhar card…….

    • Mutharasan

      error and website not open…

      This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
      Checking the connection
      Checking the proxy and the firewall
      Running Windows Network Diagnostics

    • aadhaar card

      kindly try opening the site with Indian IP address.

  17. Rajeshwari Ramachandran

    I had enquired more than 15 days ago about my Aadhar status. you had assured it would be done within 14 days. My aadhar is still not generated.( enrolment number: 1528/80174/00446. date 26/03/2017. 12:44:37
    I had applied for it more than 3 months ago ( that too the 3rd time). aadhar has been the most frustrating experience. unfortunately one doesn’t even know where to escalate and whom to hold accountable for these inefficiencies.
    on the other hand you are making our lives miserable by asking us to link Aadhar to everything!

    • Rajeshwari Ramachandran

      still awaiting an update on my concern.

  18. Emy

    sir, i cannot go to the official website please help me

    • aadhaar card

      the site is working fine. Try visiting the site with indian IP address.

      • Emy

        i already used indian ip address but its not working

  19. Abdul Kadir

    Dear Sir,
    can you send me the link to check my aadhaar card status to download when it is ready.
    My enrolment date: 27/6/2017 enrolment no:2193/11305/00166

  20. Bharathi

    1st time I applied the adhaarcard that was not came so I wil applied for 2nd time that will also not come please help me

    • aadhaar card

      kindly check your aadhaar status with the link mentioned above.

  21. Umthak

    Hi. I am a NRI and have lost my Aadhar card. What is the process for retrieval

    • aadhaar card

      you may download eaadhaar card from the portal.

      • Umthak

        But I don’t even have my aadhar card number or any thing

      • vishwajit singh

        the link given on site not working i tried so many times.

        • aadhaar card

          the link is working fine. Kindly try changing your internet. Check if the PC has correct date.

  22. Sushilkumar singh khumukcham

    Dear sir my aadhar number have been generated but i cannot download it from the portal.

    • aadhaar card

      kindly let us know the error you are facing.

    • aadhaar card

      kindly let us know the error your are facing.

  23. vivek gupta

    Hello my eaadhar is downloaded but for opening it requires password and we has not having any password even don’t have a idea of this so what should be done??

    • aadhaar card

      the password is the pincode of your city.

  24. Navneet salvi

    sir mera aader card nhi ban pa reha bhut baar banaaya ha please help me

    • aadhaar card

      kindly let us know the error you’re facing.

  25. Babita Choudhury

    Download my aadhaar card

  26. prasanna udyawar

    how can i download if ur link dosent work

    • aadhaar card

      the link works fine. Try with a different IP address and check the date of the PC. Sometimes with wrong date the browsers reject the certificates.

  27. Atul Pudale

    Sir, i live in Palus Dist sangli Maharashtra, i have date of birth correction in aadhaar card so need a mobile registration so I went to aadhaar enrolment centre at Palus but they said that they do not have website open, a Lots of reasons.. So pls help me out..

  28. C.N. Vasudev

    Got an email that my Aadhar number has been generated and to download it via the link. The does not work. Infact the page does not even come up. Can you help

    • aadhaar card

      the link is working perfectly fine. Kindly try downloading it with different IP address.

      • Narasaiah

        I am not able to use below the link to download the Aadhar card. Getting the

        Always getting below error, please help me on this.

        This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
        Checking the connection
        Checking the proxy and the firewall
        Running Windows Network Diagnostics

  29. Pavan Kumar Rvss

    Hi sir,
    I am An NRI, My kid got recently two years and when i came back to india i have applied for aadhar card, today i got the message, that aadhar has approved.I want to download from the website ( The site can’t be reached) kindly help me. ( Trying form out of INDIA)

    • aadhaar card

      kindly try using indian IP address, use a VPN and try.

  30. Jai KISHAN sharma

    Sir ,mera aadar card nhi ban paa reha bhut baar banaaya hain …har baar rejected kar dete hain ..kiya problem hain kyu nhi ban pa reha hain .meri help karo please

  31. Deep

    In my Aadhar card change my signature

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