Change/Update Mobile number registered for Aadhaar Card

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Aadhaar is the new face of DIGITAL INDIA. Aadhaar card is the identity of every resident of INDIA. As rightly said “Mera Aadhaar, Meri Pehchaan”. Mobile number is necessary to update Aadhaar online or to download eAadhaar card.

When the concept of Aadhaar was introduced, much emphasis wasn’t given on mobile number. Many residents didn’t provide their Mobile numbers and their enrollment was successfully carried out. But today, mobile number is necessary. Many residents are now facing difficulties as they aren’t able to download or update their Aadhaar, as they either have not registered their mobile number or they have changed their number.

India is a developing country, buying a new SIM card is no big deal. People likes to keep the services of the provider which gives you the most in little money.

How to change/update mobile number

Earlier residents could change their mobile number by sending offline update request to UIDAI. If a resident wishes to change his/her number, he/she must personally visit the Permanent Enrollment center to get his/her mobile number updated.


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  1. Mahesh Madhukar Rahate

    Mobile number is updated Karna hai,Bank Account Opanig issue

    • aadhaar

      kindly visit to your nearest enrollment center. The update will cost you Rs 25.

  2. Hasmukh kanjibhai Patel

    Mobile number is updated Karna hai

    • aadhaar card

      kindly visit to your nearest enrollment center to update your mobile number.

  3. Surendra maruti Yesane

    Mobile number is updated Karna hai

  4. Sonu Kumar Yadav

    mobaile no badlna hai

  5. Rj

    Aadhar is totally f word in gerund form why if we want to download aadhar we cost money where to open the download the card and taken print out .again if go to link our mobile number with aadhar it also cost money .

  6. Alpesh Raval

    Dear sar.
    My mother Aadhar card mobile number is not registered and address please me help me and my mother Aadhar Card registered to mobile number my mother Aadhar card number is a
    375476227974 and mo no.8980101942
    And add. vas

  7. Manjunatha

    Government has made it mandatory to link Adhaar to all bank accounts and even mobile numbers. But they have not thought of opening as many enrollment centers to avail this facility easily for general public. Am resident from Bengaluru roaming here and their for updating the details, as most of the BangaloreOne centers does not provide service for doing this. Please give us(general public) enough centers to avail this facility given by government.