Change/Update Mobile number registered for Aadhaar Card

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Aadhaar is the new face of DIGITAL INDIA. Aadhaar card is the identity of every resident of INDIA. As rightly said “Mera Aadhaar, Meri Pehchaan”. Mobile number is necessary to update Aadhaar online or to download eAadhaar card.

When the concept of Aadhaar was introduced, much emphasis wasn’t given on mobile number. Many residents didn’t provide their Mobile numbers and their enrollment was successfully carried out. But today, mobile number is necessary. Many residents are now facing difficulties as they aren’t able to download or update their Aadhaar, as they either have not registered their mobile number or they have changed their number.

India is a developing country, buying a new SIM card is no big deal. People likes to keep the services of the provider which gives you the most in little money.

How to change/update mobile number

Earlier residents could change their mobile number by sending offline update request to UIDAI. If a resident wishes to change his/her number, he/she must personally visit the Permanent Enrollment center to get his/her mobile number updated.


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  1. vishal kumar

    Sir mere addhar no Jorna hai 8651986232

  2. kashyap Joshi

    Kindly change my mobile number in my aadhaar and my old mobile nO 7878520381

  3. prince nidhyansh

    Sir Mera adhar card ka number change Karna


    Kindly change my mobile number in my aadhaar and my old mobile nO9158582975

  5. ankush

    Kindly change my mobile number in my aadhaar and my old mobile no 9050900832

  6. neeraj vaishya


    i want to change my contact no because my reliance cdma sim clossed than i want to change what is the procedure to change mobile no

    • aadhaar

      dear neeraj, you can change your mobile number at the permanent enrollment center only. Kindly visit there with a proof of identity.


    i have visited your contact center where i have done all and i provided all my details such as mobile no and email id to get updated they had done all bigmatric and ratina scan and proper details were taken from me they have also provided me URN no and acknowledgment of the same my adhar no is 4936 2019 2495 and URN no is 0649/88330/15804 but no updates happen in my aadhar card neither my email id not my contact no with aadhar card kindly do the soon


    please sir my pf me dina hay


    dear sir /mam

    please my name Jay prakash but mera name jay prakesh adar cad me ho gaya to mera change kar deji aar mera DATE OF BIRT.19/8/1991 HAY AAR MERA KAR DIYE HAY 14/8/1991 PLEASE SIR/MAM CHANGE HER
    EMAI ID [email protected]

  10. Deepak

    I am from Goa and want to change my mobile number in Suratgarh .Is it possible?Where is prem center in Suratgarh.Appointment necessary?


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Aditya Gogia
    Kindly change my mobile number in my aadhaar card and my mobile no- +919872203058
    My aadhaar card nomber – 961989062851
    This is for your kind information and necessary action.
    Please reply my email as soon as earlier
    My email id : [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards

    • aadhaar

      It can’t be done online. Kindly visit any permanent center with proof of identity to update it.

  12. Satyam Singh

    Sir,Madam My name is Satyam Singh
    Kindly change my mobile nomber in my aadhaar and my mobile no- +917827726574
    My aadhaar card nomber – 853192010850
    Pls reply de email id par
    [email protected]

    Thanx & Regards


    Mobile number chang

  14. Vinod Kumar

    Sir / Madam
    Sir mane apne bete ka maam Hindi mai galat likha hua lekin 5 se 6 baar thik karane ke bad bhi thik nahi hua mai kai baar adhaar center gaya tha
    Mane apne adhaar card m mobile email id update karna or addrss bhi change Karna h
    Pls reply de email id par
    [email protected]
    From VinodKumar

    • aadhaar

      Dear Vinod, you have to visit an aadhaar enrollment center to update your mobile number in aadhaar.

  15. saras mishra

    Sir/madam I have very problem me my adhaar is link to 9617541314 and this number is closed for seven months and this is not open I have very problem me please you can help me and you want change my registered mobile number with 8435221770 please accept my request

  16. AMAN

    how can i change my mobile no linked to adhar card as i am no more accessible to that no.?

    • aadhaar

      you have to visit a permanent enrollment center to update it.

  17. seema devi

    Sir,Madam My name is seema devi
    Kindly change my mobile number in my aadhaar and my old mobile no- 9812799762

    Thanx & Regards

  18. Jatadhari kumar choudhary

    mobile no. change

  19. Arun Kumar

    Sir,Madam My name is Arun Kumar
    Kindly change my mobile nomber in my aadhaar and my old mobile no- 8273169998
    My new mobile no – 7832003401
    My aadhaar card nomber – 604190914735

    Thanx & Regards

  20. Md.yusuf

    hello sir
    my name is md.yusf. i have to change my mob number.
    my new number is 7903412614

  21. salauddin ahmed

    dear sir kindly change my mobile number in my adhar card