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Eaadhaar cardEaadhaar Card

AADHAAR is not only a proof of Identity but also of citizenship of India. The 12 digit unique identification no is free of caste and religion. AADHAAR is must for every Indian citizen. The unique identification number is provided to infants, teenagers and adults. The identity of an individual can be authenticated anytime and anywhere. It is the sole responsibility of an individual to enroll himself for the Aadhaar card.

Uses of AADHAAR Card.
  1. It is a proof of Identity as well as address.
  2. Each individual has to enroll himself only once in lifetime for Aadhaar card.
  3. Enrollment fee for Aadhaar card is Rs. 0
  4. Your 12 digit identification number is unique and will be helpful in various govt schemes and act as a proof of Identity.
  5. The no. is easily verifiable.
  6. It will eliminate and find the various fake identities in govt files.
  7. It is a random no. irrespective of caste, creed, locality, area and religion.
Applicants can download their e-Aadhar Cards if their Aadhaar Card has been generated. Applicants who applied for the Aadhaar Card and do not know whether their Aadhaar has been generated or not, please click here     (to check aadhar card online status)
They must enter the (EID) Temporary Enrollment ID to check their Aadhaar Card Status.

How to check your Aadhaar  Status –  Aadhar card India

Enter the Enrollment no given in your Slip. (14 digit)
Now enter the 14 digit date and Time of Enrollment, it is given on the Slip (14 digit)
This 14+14 digit no. is collectively known as EID.
Lastly Enter the text given in the image.
Click on Check Status.

How to Download Eaadhaar Card (E aadhaar Card download)

If you Aadhaar has been generated. Congratulations! you can download e-Aadhar Card from e aadhaar portal. Follow the Steps given below:
Enter Enrollment No. and Date Time (EID)
Enter Your name and Pincode.
Enter the code shown and click on  Submit.
Now download your e-Aadhar Card.
Important Note: Keep your Mobile with you while entering your name.

Click here to Download eAadhaar Card

Note: your pincode is that password of your Eaadhaar card file.


Eaadhaar Card Validity unkonwn – Validate Signature on Eaadhar card

Watch this video to validate signature on your eaadhaar card


Eaadhaar Card in email:

You may now receive your E-aadhar card in your email, follow the steps given below:

Type UID EAADHAAR < Aadhaar number >   < email Id > < PIN code > on your mobile and send it to 51969


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  1. jitender says:

    my enrolment no 1308/200031/05324 and date and time is 17/06/2014 10:30:30:

  2. jitender says:

    please send me my aadhar card online

  3. Siddharth Ghosh says:

    I am siddharth ghosh, i had submitted my enrollment form no. 2017/97150/00440 dated 18/06/2014 time 12:28:51, i have regular checked online & toll free no. for allotment of my aadhar no. Now today 21/07/2014 i came to know my form has been rejected though i have attached copy of PAN card & Driving licence copy with my application form. May i know in which ground my form has been rejected? and how should i get an Aadhar no.?

    • aadhaar card says:

      Dear Siddharth, your aadhaar enrollment failed due to data loss error (technical error). Please re-enroll yourself at the nearest enrollment center.

  4. Pankaj kumar says:

    Pankaj kumar

  5. vanshi gujral says:

    I hadent got my adhar card yet I want it my name is vanshika gujral.

  6. vanshi gujral says:

    I hadent got my adhar card yet I want it

  7. prabu s says:

    Hai I am Prabu.S
    I want to change my photo in aadhaar card.
    how can I do this?

  8. Bijoy Some says:

    my eid no is 1062/0152/06137 and my enrollment date is 15/01/2013 12:26:56. i have yet not received aadhar card and when i try to download e aadhar card there is a message saying that no information for this eid. what should i do to get aadhar????

    • aadhaar card says:

      dear Bijoy, kindly let us know your 14 digit enrollment number. The enrollment ID provided bu you has 13 digits.

  9. GIRISH PANDEY says:

    9578 7139 0681
    above is my Adhar number
    my correct date of berth is 05/06/1971 but in adhar card is 01/01/1971
    how can it be corrected.

  10. Mohd Umar says:

    My Name is Mohd Umar and i’m enroll 5 time but all time my aadhar card should be rejected. plzzzzzzzz help me what i do???????????

  11. Hi,

    There was a change of address for my adhaar card and i have changed in the portal with the necessary scanned documents but when can i download my new updated Adhaar card
    adhaar no is 8325 2933 2391

  12. my card enrolment no is 2017/60008/21930 14/06/2014 12:42:44 and i got message that my aadhaar is generated but when i try to download it gives error “An Unknown error has occurred while processing your request.
    Please try again after some time.”

  13. My Adhaar card no: 8420 2231 2716

  14. Hi!
    There is a small discrepancy in the deonagri version of my family/surname: Chincholkar, all else is correct including that spelt in English.
    The letter ‘L’ should sound same as ‘Olakhpatra’ when written in Marathi.
    How do I rectify it?

  15. Ved Prakash says:

    Previously I have lost my slip after that I have applied again my Enrolment No 1329/15088/92730 01/05/2014 10:34:47. Please intimate the progress of the Aadhaar Card on my mob No 9486446010

  16. jitendra khairnar says:

    Plz see my aadhar card


    i have not yet received my adhaaracard plz help me sir.
    how to get my adhar card.

  18. esmailsab says:

    sir, i miss for adharcard, now i want adharcard iam from thadakalour at post ,sira tq, tumkur district , karnataka-572113. Esmail sab .a, s/o akbar ali. date of birth 04/05/1988


    Dear Sir,

    My EID no is 1164/99002/11758 & Enrollment date with time is 31/03/2013 20:53:54

    Have not received my aadhar card. pls provide us


  20. jagadeesan says:

    My EID no is 2007/26707/01754 & Enrollment date with time is 17/03/2014 10:23:02

    Have not received my aadhar card. pls provide us the details

    • aadhaar card says:

      Dear Jagadeesan, your aadhaar number has been generated. You may download e-aadhar card. It will be dispatched soon.

  21. Dear Sir,

    My EID no is 2017/90305/00196 & Enrollment date with time is 25/11/2012 13:56:48

    Have not received my aadhar card. pls provide us

    • aadhaar card says:

      Dear Rakesh, Your aadhaar letter has been dispatched on 14-09-2013. IF you haven’t received your card, then Indiapost has failed to deliver it to you. Till then please download e aadhar card. It has the same validity as of aadhar card. Please contact to re dispatch your card.

  22. 9742140926 says:

    I have yet not recevied conformation message.where do i inqurire..


    I have enrolled on 03/04/2013 at 10:21:17but I haven’t recieved my aadhar card.does it has any enrollment number is 1189/29230/04296.In bank they are asking this card to open account.please notify me about my aadhar

  24. Punith R says:

    i have not yet received conformation message, where do i inquire.
    my enloring dated have passed one year.

    • aadhaar card says:

      Dear Punith, please don’t worry, kindly let us know your enrollment ID along with date and time of aadhaar enrollment.

  25. Anand Tarachand says:

    Very difficul.t . to know how to down load a renewed adhaar card .can the authorities give the right method to down load the card . All are not computersavy. A lay man should know how.. Millions of card holders do not what to do for address change, phone changes etc.

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